The following water information can be used to help improve your fishing success. Fish will respond differently to the various lake conditions. Water temperature, oxygen level, visibility and even weather will play a role in where fish may be holding and what presentations they may react to on any given day.

NOTE! Bouy data chart is only available in Summer months when USACE deploys instrument bouy. The other charts and graphs should be fairly accurate year round.

Berlin Lake, Ohio Real-Time Water Condition and Level Status Report

Water Info Updated: 01-26-2022 09:15 E

Water Elevation: 1016.02 ft above Sea Level

Water Level: -7.98 ft from Normal
Water rose 0.12 inches over 12 hours

Current Inflow Temp: 30.92 F
In Temp is same as 12 hours ago

Dam Outflow Temp: 34.7 F
Out Temp rose 0.18 degrees over 12 hours

Dam Outflowing at: 98.3 CFS
Dam Outflow dropped 2.7 CFS over 12 hours

Turbidity at Dam (water clairity): 19.76 NTU
Turbidity ranges between 3.5 and 6.5 NTU where 3 NTU is roughly three feet of visibility and 6 NTU is less than one foot of visibility. Turbidity updates between 6am-6pm only.

Oxygen Saturation at Dam: 9.06 mg/L
Oxygen saturation on Berlin ranges between 6-10 mg/L. Oxygen saturation levels update between 6am-6pm only.

Berlin Lake Water Condition Charts - Temp, Turbidity, Oxygen, Level

Current Wind and Radar Berlin Lake, Ohio

Wind Speed: 0.9 Wind Dir: 270 Humidity:% Current Temp at Berlin Lake: 10.04 f

Berlin Lake Contour & Depth Maps, Links, Sources and Credits

A detailed contour map for Berlin Lake including the most accurate navigational data and an exclusive 1 ft HD bathymetry map.

Berlin Navionics Map
An interactive database map of all the Fish Concentration Devices (FCDs) placed by ODNR Division 3.

ODNC Div 3 FDC Map
This forecast represents max, min, current and future pool elevations and releases for the next three days.

Link: USACE Level Forecast

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